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Step aside white wine ... it's rosé season!

This pretty and refreshing wine has made it's mark as the unofficial drink of summer.

You may be wondering what makes rosé so well loved ... it's pretty simple, here goes ... First, it's a refreshing and crisp wine that pairs well with summertime staples - grilled meats, seafood, and salads. Most bottles cost less than $20. Plus, it's acceptable to sip rosé as early brunch or well into the night.

Stores and restaurants are jumping on this bandwagon. Displays now scatter liquor and grocery stores, and glasses are popping up all over restaurant menus.

Rosé even hit the print with New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Food & Wine Magazine all publishing their top choices for summer sipping

And it's out of the bottle as well. There's rosé inspired tshirts, tote bags, phone cases, greeting cards ... you name it!

Yes Way Rosé tote bag @ LoveDropTees on Etsy

Rosé All Day tank @ Lulusimon Studio

Rosé All Day phone case @ Nordstrom

I couldn't resist this trend ... so in true Prepping Parties fashion, I created a few rosé inspired printable tags

Happy Sipping! #roseallday #yeswayrose

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