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Milestone Birthday Ideas

A few weeks ago, I helped with one of my best friend's 30th birthdays. Her husband reserved a fabulous venue, gathered friends, family, and colleauges, and threw one amazing surprise party! He asked me to help with a few decorative touches and I was thrilled to jump on board. While scouring Pinterest for milestone birthday decor, I came across lots of festive ideas that I gathered together here...

For the 30th party, I wanted to do something that the birthday girl could take home as a keepsake and this idea from Sue at Home was just the ticket.

I took two pieces of black foam board and duct taped them together on the back. Then, arranged thirty mini envelopes (purchased at Michael's Arts & Crafts store) into the shape of thirty, taped them on with double stick tape and topped the board with circle garland.

I cut cardstock into smaller rectangles and left out lots of pens for guests to write a birthday message. By the end of the night, the envelopes were overflowing with messages of birthday wishes, inside jokes, and lots of love.

Photographs are the perfect touch for a milestone birthday. I used this photo collage idea for my sister's 30th birthday. It was such a fun party centerpiece. Check out an old blog post of mine for instructions.

Balloon Pictures @ Wedding Chicks

Photographs tied to helium ballons, I'd love to try this!

Photo Table Runner @ One Stop Party Ideas

Or how about a photograph collage table runner? Adorable! I couldn't find any DIY instructions but I think this would get the job done ...

1. Photocopy / scan your photos, trim leaving a white border

2. Arrange in a long, thin rectangle

3. Adhere overlapping pieces with a gluestick or double sided tape

4. Laminate (most office supply / copy stores can do this for you)

5. Trim laminate very close to the end of the photos

You don't necessarily have to laminate the runner but it would help preserve it

Customized mini champagne bottles are perfect to toast to the birthday person! Or send them home with your guests as a party favor. These confetti ones are available in my Etsy shop (use coupon code BLOGREADER123 for 10% off) as well as several other styles.

Favorite Thing Favor @ Fab Everyday

The VIP's favorite things make a fun party favor.

70 Things We Love @ Fab Everyday

How fun and easy is this? If you're not up for drawing 30, 40, 50, 60 + speech bubbles, use speech bubble stickers, here are some available on Amazon

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