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Pineapple Water Bottle Labels

Have you caught this summer's pineapple obsession?

I sure have! And I think Target is mostly to blame. Every time I'm in there, I see at least three new pineapple things I just have to have. Like this navy blue pineapple rug and the pineapple pool float and don't even get me going on all the pineapple swag I picked up in the Dollar Spot.

Soon after this obsession got underway, I added a few pineapple themed items to my Etsy shop that have been summer favorites. Check these 'Bride Tribe' mini champagne labels.

And now, I've decided to wake up this blog with a fun (and free) pineapple printable. These 'Party like a Pineapple' water bottle labels are perfect for summer BBQs, luaus, birthdays, bachelorettes, you name it!

Just print out the labels, cut, and then wrap around your water bottles. Adhere with double stick tape or just regular old tape. Or you can print on Avery label paper to adhere the labels right to the bottles ...

If you want to party like a pineapple but aren't up to the DIY job ... head on over to my Etsy shop for customized and printed labels. As always, blog readers get 10% off with coupon code BLOGREADER123!

Click here to download a free printable file!

And be sure to party like a pineapple this summer!

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